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#Pressure dad hats


Keep the pressure ON and TIGHT (maybe not too tight) with one of our #Pressure dad hats.


Choose between black and royal blue to show your dedication to the #Phitlossophy lifestyle. 



Don’t be fooled by the name—our hats are unisex, so they look great on anyone and everyone.



phit booty resistance bands


Our booty bands add the extra resistance you need when doing those glute-targeting floor workouts.


With these bands, you can take leg day with you anywhere and everywhere. When you purchase one of these bands, it gives you a virtually endless list of options to target different parts of your legs and glutes. 


These are a game-changer if you want to feel extra peachy in those jeans.


Slimulite Firming Gel


Sometimes you need an extra boost beyond diet and working out to achieve firm, toned skin.


Our Slimulite Firming Gel helps eliminate stubborn cellulite and loose pockets of fat (when paired with the Phitlossophy lifestyle, of course).


With regular use and a healthy diet and rigorous workout plan, all those extra lumps and bumps will be smoothed out with our firming gel’s special formula.


Pressure King Apparel


Represent the Phitlossophy you stand for and look good while doing— inside and outside the gym.


Our Pressure King apparel includes t-shirts and tank tops of various sizes, cuts, and colors— giving you the sharpest and comfiest fit to keep the pressure ON.


When you wear one of our shirts or tanks, you’ll be showing off those losses and/or gains with casually cool flair. So…what are you waiting for?