25 Ways To Lose Fat Faster!

25 Ways To Lose Fat Faster

1) Interval And High Intensity Training
2) Sprint More
3) Lift Weights (If You Don’t Already)
4) Pick Up A Sport
5) Reduce Stress With Yoga
6) Try Circuit Training (KB, S.Balls, Med Balls, DB&BB etc.) 7) Stop Trying To Spot Reduce
8) Take Photos To Track Progress
9) Change Up Your Workout Order
10) Train With A Partner Or Group
11) Track Meals With An App
12) Create Meal Calendar
13) Eat More Home-Cooked Meals
14) Drink More Water
15) Eat More Fish To Up The Leptin
16) Learn To Love Vegetables
17) Eat Smaller Meals More Often
18) Vary Your Caloric Intake
19) Never Skip Breakfast
20) Take Out Crap Carbs And Eat Complex Carbs
21) Stop Being Lazy
22) Walk More And Drive Less Or Ride A Bike
23) Get A Check Up
24) Get More Sleep
25) Stop Looking At The Scale
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why we coach:

I COACH YOU because I care about you.

I CHALLENGE YOU because I believe in you.

I EXPECT YOUR COMMITMENT because I know your family and job will.

I HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE because life will hold you accountable.

I PUSH YOU OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE because it’s the only place where real growth occurs.

I WANT YOU TO DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME because life doesn’t always give second chances.

I ASK YOU TO SACRIFICE FOR THE TEAM because true success means being a part of something far greater than yourself.

I IMPLORE YOU TO GIVE YOUR BEST because I don’t want you to look back on this season, your career, or life with regrets.

I DEVELOP YOU TO LEAD because your company, community, and country will eventually need you to.

I DISCIPLINE YOU because I want you to learn there’s a right way and wrong way to do things and treat people.

I CHALLENGE YOU TO COMPETE because you’ll fight some battles in your life where losing is just not an option.

I INSIST YOU PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL because you’ll soon realize that the little things are the BIG things.

I PUT YOU THROUGH ADVERSITY because you’ll need the persistence to overcome far greater adversities in your life.

I MAKE YOU EARN A SPOT because you’ll take more pride in and ownership of the things you work hard for and earn.

I INSIST YOU DO THE RIGHT THING because I want you to look in the mirror and be proud of who you are and what you stand for.

I REQUIRE YOU TO REPRESENT YOURSELF WITH CLASS because you’ll carry your reputation with you for the rest of your life.

I FORCE YOU TO FACE YOUR FEARS because breaking through your fears gives you the confidence to take on any challenge life throws at you.

I DO EVERYTHING I DO because I want you to become the absolute best version of yourself and develop into the responsible and respected adult your family, friends, coworkers, community, and the world all need you to be.


Life as a High School Coach and Fitness Trainer

by Sara Nelson


My love for softball was the reason I became a Physical Education teacher. I know, you are probably thinking that is a little backwards.  Teachers should be teachers first and a coach second.  On one hand, I would say you are correct. On the other hand, my entire life and through college my passion for softball was extreme.  The reality was after my college softball career ended coaching was the only way for me to stay involved in the sport I loved.  Surely there are other athletes in this world that can relate to my thinking.

I wasn’t always a Physical Education major in college. I actually started out as an Elementary Education major.  I knew I wanted to go into education from the beginning of my college career, but it wasn’t until my junior year in college that I decided fitness and nutrition was the path I wanted to pursue. So in 2003 I decided to double major in Physical Education and Wellness and Recreation.  This was the best decision I could have ever made for myself.  It has created opportunities I could have never imagined.  Today in a small town of about 6,500, I am known as an Elementary Physical Education Teacher, Head Varsity Softball Coach, Head Boys and Girls Cross Country Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and finally a Certified Personal Trainer.

When I started my career in education, I was just an individual with a love for the game of softball.  All I wanted to do was give back to a game that had given me so much. Little did I know that soon my life would become bigger than just giving back to young athletes and the sport of softball. After completing two years of being a Physical Education Teacher and Coach, I was approached by our local YMCA to join their world of fitness and become a Group Fitness Instructor.   Of course I welcomed this new and exciting opportunity. I liked to workout on my own but for sure a tough workout would be even more fun with a group!

Since 2007 I have been a Physical Education Teacher and Coach as well as a Group Fitness Instructor.  Over time I have worked hard to create a fun and challenging environment for adults and youth of all ages.  Being a group fitness instructor has given me an opportunity to become a better physical education teacher as well as take my softball team and cross country runners to a higher level of fitness.

The exposure to group fitness and building new relationships with others sparked my interest in personal training. I enjoy hearing about success stories of my class participants.  Whether these individuals know it or not, they are just as much of an inspiration to me as I am to them.  I have discovered fitness as a fresh and new passion. It wasn’t long into my new journey with fitness that I soon discovered becoming a group fitness instructor and personal trainer is merely an expansion of my physical education classroom. I can’t get enough of helping others achieve their personal goals. Whether on the athletic field or in the area of Health and wellness, I have found fitness to be rewarding in all aspects of life. In conclusion, I would like to ask the readers of this article, what has fitness done for you lately?

Testimonial – Stefanie

I started using Jabbaar Tobips as my personal trainer at the end of 2010 and he has been, by far, the best trainer that I’ve ever had.  He keeps me motivated and does not let me slide on any of my work outs.  I never thought that I would be able to kick-box, or even like it, but because of Jabbaar, not only can I throw punches and kicks, but I LOVE the work out.  I’ve never felt better, both physically and mentally, and I totally look forward to my appointments with Jabbaar!  The other trainers and staff at the Sweat Shop are fabulous and I can see that they keep their clientele motivated and on track with their personal goals.  The Sweat Shop is just a great experience all the way around and I would recommend that gym to anyone that’s looking to get into shape.

Testimonial – Raishawn

Losing weight has been a struggle for me for years and exercising was definitely not my favorite things to do. I would join gyms and pay for personal training sessions.  However, was never consistent and would stop after 1 or 2 times.
I’ve trained with Jabbaar for the past 3 months and have lost 34 Ibs. I can honestly say that its been the most consistent ive been with working out .  Deciding to train with him has definitely been life altering and the best decision I could of made for myself physically and mentally.
In spite of all of my complaining, he was very patient with me but firm and encouraged me to push for results.
Thanks for everything Jabbaar.

Testimonial – Brandon

I’ve been training with Jabbaar for 5 years now and during this time he has helped me transform both on and off the court. On the court, he has helped me put on lean muscle and become more explosive. Off the court, he’s taught me the proper diet and how to take care of my body. The Sweat Shop is a perfect place to workout because all the trainers are friendly and truly focus on making sure you meet and in some cases surpass your goals. If you want to take your game to the next level(no matter the sport) or just get in shape, then this is where you need to be.

My Phitlossophy

Kinesiology Degree from William Penn University 2006
1st Place IFBB MP PRO

Jabbaar ‘PHIT’ Tobios
Certification: NASM, AAAI Nationally Certified Personal Trainer,Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology with the emphasis on Strength and Conditioning,Precision Nutrition certified

Specialties: Contest Prep ,Weightloss,strength training, Transformations,Sports Specific Training, Kick Boxing and MuayThai

-Head Coach of Team Phit(Competition Team) based out of Long Beach
-ex Muay Thai Fighter
-Ive been changing lives since 03
-IFBB PRO Mens Physique
-Pressure King Apperal
-Phiternity Labs Supplements
-Owner of Phitlossophy Gym(this is my 3rd gym that I’ve opened)